Veganism + What I Eat

  • What I Eat Wednesday: 10/08/14 What works for you?
  • Cowspiracy pt. 2: People and Planet, or Profits?
  • What I Eat Wednesday: 10/01/2014 Cauliflower and Fast Against Slaughter
  • Cowspiracy series pt. 1: Discovering what they uncovered
  • Q & A with a vegan: Recent Questions
  • What I Ate Wed. 09/24
  • What I Ate Wedneday: 09/17/2014
  • Vegan for health or ethics?
  • What I Ate Wed. +Potato Power!
  • New rule: USDA Safety Inspection Officials Have No Power Over Poultry
  • What I Eat Wednesday: 09/03/2014
  • What the elite eat: Kenyan diet observation report
  • Brainwashing: No bliss for farm animals
  • This cute kid makes a case for vegetarianism
  • Fish isn’t “health” food! Fish are friends!
  • What I Ate That Wednesday: 08/27/14
  • A public health message
  • I don’t support the ALS ice bucket challenge. Here’s why:
  • CAUTION: Eat at your own risk! The FDA fails consumers
  • 6 minutes to change your life
  • My reasons for vegan

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