Running Topics

  • Post Marathon: Many Recovery Runs
  • Portland Marathon (Real) Race Recap
  • The Oregonian Portland Marathon article
  • It’s the final countdown (to the Portland Marathon)!
  • No Track Thursday: 10/02 Marathon Taper Time!
  • Best Dam Run 10k Race Recap and My Results
  • Track Thursday: 09/25/2014 Last Workout!
  • Monday Motivation: Who’s your hero?
  • Running: Quick Tip for a Successful Marathon
  • Track Thursday 09/18/2014 Track Therapy!
  • Monday Motivation: If it’s not over, you haven’t “failed”
  • Portland Marathon: Plan of attack!
  • Track Thursday 9/11 Thoughts
  • How to choose a running outfit
  • Track Thursday: 09/04/2014 Thoughts!
  • The only type of smoking runners will ever do!
  • Overcoming post injury anxiety
  • Monday Motivation: Know what you want!
  • What the elite eat: Kenyan diet observation report
  • Josh Cox running quote
  • Track Thursday 08/28/14 Finish feeling better than you started!
  • What’s a girl to do? Skinny or strong?
  • Monday Running Motivation: No music, just me.
  • Fun to watch the day before a marathon! Have a nervous laugh…
  • Track Thursday: 08/21/14 Thoughts!
  • Monday Motivation: Use a mantra
  • Coping with  a running injury: Emotional stages
  • Rise and Run!
  • Robin Williams on the “Runner’s High”
  • Depression: Everyone knows someone
  • Portland Marathon 2013
  • SHOC 10k recap
  • I ran an incredible marathon! And then I disappeared…
  • My 10th marathon: Newport Marathon
  • Am I marathon ready?
  • Champoeg 30k Tune-up race: A wrong turn
  • A runner: Nelson Mandela
  • Running in a foreign country pt. 1: The good experience
  • Running as my meditation.
  • Honolulu race pics!
  • The family that runs together…
  • Alley Oop!
  • Mac Dunn Forest 50k 2012
  • Honolulu Marathon today!
  • What is a Marathon?
  • Roll out of bed and RUN!
  • Honolulu Marathon 2011
  • Sick vs. Healthy vs. Running



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