Oregon Marathons

EUGENE MARATHON May 2011, Time: 3:27:32

eugene marathon bib

*This marathon has moved to late July instead of May.

When I ran this marathon, I had come off a 3:08 finish in Huntington Beach, CA at the Surf City Marathon and I was expecting to run just as well. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen 😦 I took the Greyhound bus to Eugene from Corvallis the Saturday before the race, checked my bag into the cheapest motel I could find that was within walking distance of the marathon shuttle stop for the next morning, and went to the expo. Mistake #1: I ate the spaghetti dinner on offer the night before. I was vegetarian at the time and when I went back t my motel I continued to eat some more junk to soothe my pre race nerves. Mistake #2: The next morning I under dressed and let my legs get too cold before the race start. Walking to the shuttle stop, I remember seeing a temperature sign that read 36 F. My legs felt like lead from the start. Midway through the race, the pasta and race bag goodies from the night before caught up to me and I had to hit the porta-potties several times. By the end of the race I was pretty demoralized, I had started out much too fast and being passed by several pace groups was no fun. I rallied a two-mile sprint finish, but it wasn’t a successful race overall. I don’t remember much of the course, just that it went from freezing in the morning to roasting hot by the time I finished.


PORTLAND MARATHON October 2011, October 2013

portland marathon page









I absolutely LOVE this run. Each time I have run this course, I have set a blazing pace to a great finishing time. My absolute favorite part of this course comes at mile 16, when we get to run across St. John’s Bridge. Honestly, I think it is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had while running a marathon. I race the first 16 miles in anticipation of that moment.  And then after that, anyone can run a 10k right?

2011: 3:04:19 4th female overall!

2013: 3:11:41 16th female overall!

Follow the link to read more about last year’s Portland Marathon with my mom and about getting to meet Bill Rodgers at the marathon expo!



newport marathon page









Time: 2:58:35 1st place female overall!

Follow the link in the title to read all about the Newport Marathon! This was the first marathon where I had actually been putting in specific workouts like speedwork, tempo runs at race pace, and progressive long runs. My “official” training began in late February, after I returned from Guatemala. Overall, I liked the course well enough during the race, but a week later I suffered my first serious running injury, which could possibly be attributed to the steep downhills that occurred a couple of times on the course. But that’s pure speculation 🙂 I could have also been overtraining, or not taking enough time off afterwards.


MCDONALD FOREST 50K TRAIL RUN May 2011, Time: 6:07:16 May 2012, Time: 5:51:04


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