It is my desire to provide for you a compendium of resources to support your transition or maintenance of a healthy, active vegan lifestyle. When it comes to making lasting lifestyle changes, educating yourself is key!

When you embark on a new journey, you need to immerse yourself in motivational and inspirational information, as well as arm yourself with the tools necessary to succeed and find support in a positive community (physical or virtual).

gandhi first they ignore you, then you win

The informational tabs are as follows. These resources will come in handy anytime you get sucked into a debate about diet, exercise, or lifestyle. As long as you are knowledgeable and confident, yet open-minded, you will succeed in changing your life for the better!

Nutrition + Running Books:

Under this tab is a list of books that I have personally read and recommend!  I will provide a summary of the good (and bad if there are) points of the book as well as why you should read it! The running books will be accompanied by a summary and my thoughts, literature for motivation and inspiration! The nutrition books are usually vegan diet related and are all great reads for educating yourself about the benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet.

Running + Nutrition Films/Documentaries:

Under this tab you will find trailers for the vegan documentaries and running films, as well as a brief summary of the documentary or film. The running films are geared more toward entertainment and will provide a rich source of inspiration as well as continue to foster your love for the sport. The vegan and health documentaries are educational in nature and focus on health and disease, veganism, animal cruelty, and the environmental effects of current food industry practices. Every one of them is worth watching.

I include links to free sources in each description.

Plant-based Diet Doctors:

Under this tab you will find a list of doctors, scientists, and professionals who openly favor a vegan whole foods, plant based diet. Each name is accompanied by a photo, brief bio, and links to their websites or blogs. These are all credible sources to go to for plant based nutrition and advice. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few very prominent and highly regarded names in the professional field.

Vegan Endurance Athletes:

Under this tab you will find a list of my favorite most awe-inspiring VEGAN endurance athletes who are at the top of their game! They are proof that you can succeed at the highest levels in sports on a vegan diet. A picture, brief bio, and links to their websites or blogs are provided.

Websites: Support + Info:

Under this tab I leave you with an extensive list of credible websites written by professionals, highly regarded vegan or nutrition blogs, and websites that provide additional information on going vegan or running hard!

*None of these lists are exhaustive, just my very favorites to get you started on the journey!


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