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 Who am I? That’s a good question… I’m many different things, but the first thing that always comes to mind is “runner”. I’ve defined myself that way since I was 12 years old and started running XC in 6th grade.

I am Japanese American, and was born in Japan and moved to Guam at age 7. I lived there until 5 days after my 18th birthday, when I traveled for the very first time to the U.S.A., solo to attend Oregon State University.

I was my high school Salutatorian and am now 3 months away from getting my Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies: Community. Honestly, I’m not really sure what is going to happen to me after that. Gulp…

I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled a lot and it’s broadened my mind a lot to have lived in or visited: Japan, Guam, Singapore, Guatemala, India, and several U.S. states (Hawaii, California, Oregon).

More than anything, I love running marathons and endurance events. I try to live a compassionate vegan lifestyle and I love to learn and educate people about plant based nutrition, exercise, and health in general.


  • Meet the qualifying time for the women’s Olympic Marathon Trials held in L.A. in Feb. 2016.
  • Live doing what I love through this blog: Inform people about health and inspire others to make better choices by empowering them with information and motivation!


Female, 21 years old.

Birthday: January 1st

Height: 5’2″, Weight: 95-100 lbs.

Vegan athlete.

Language: English

Loves: Animals, reading, running

Job: After school care program teacher

Current home: Portland, OR

About Me 2


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Susan!
    I just wanted to thank you for following Tina and I @ weshallhavepie!
    Your goal to run a 100mile ultra marathon is totally inspiring ( and a little crazy) =)
    I look forward to following along as your journey unfolds!


  2. Wow. Our story is almost similar! I was born on Saipan raised on Rota / Guam and I moved out to Oregon!! I went to school at AOLG my freshmen year before my family left for Oregon. So cool!! PS. Looking forward to meeting you for LA Marathon! It’s my first; I’m nervous 😡


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