Gratitude Challenge: Day 18

Five things  I am grateful for today: October 29, 2014 Wednesday

  1. I got a 95% on my first Epidemiology midterm!
  2. I have a fridge stocked full of healthy, nutritious fruits and veggies! Enough food for the rest of the week 🙂
  3. I may have been successful in securing another sponsor for my coach’s running store’s Thanksgiving 5k event. This makes me especially happy because I took on this job for them thinking that I would be good at it, and instead I have been feeling like a failure. To finally have some success recruiting sponsors for the event is refreshing!
  4. For some reason I have a lot more traffic than usual on my blog….definitely not complaining 😉
  5. My vegan friends and support groups on Instagram, FB, YouTube, and Twitter. I felt completely shut down by one of my ‘friends’ on FB yesterday, when he told me to stop sharing pictures of factory farming, animal cruelty, and generally all things related to veganism because he didn’t ‘subscribe’ to that. I forget that so many people would rather close their eyes and plug their ears to ignore the truth. In my opinion, I don’t go over the top and I definitely never attack people or try to shame them for not being vegan…I just share facts and information that I find interesting, emotionally moving, etc. In the end, it’s my FB account and I can share what I want on it. I never try to offend anyone! I felt angry, and frustrated and also shocked by what he said…and sad. But I have a lot of other people who share the same message as I do to be inspired and motivated by, and so I won’t let this one comment stop me. Veganism is important to me, and I’m passionate about spreading awareness. On my own social media platforms, I should be able to unabashedly represent my passions, beliefs and hobbies in life without fear.

gary smith quote


Stand up for what is RIGHT ❤


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