Gratitude Challenge: Day 17

Five things I am grateful for today: October 28, 2014 Tuesday

  1. I got to sleep in because I have no classes on Tuesday! I had a productive morning instead and got my laundry done after an 8 mile run.
  2. I sold some clothes that I NEVER wear and made $43. I’m on a minimalism kick, and need to get rid of all my extra stuff. I hope to only have the essentials, I never want to be a person who is held in place by all their “stuff”.
  3. My neighbors are wonderful! I really love how sweet and kind my next door neighbor is, and her son is pretty cool too! I wish my brother would come visit me one day because I feel like he and my neighbor’s son would hit it off well.
  4. I called my mom today and that always makes my day better. It’s pretty tough sometimes when I feel lonely here without family or close friends. I don’t have good communication with my brother or my dad. It’s just my mom and me ❤
  5. I’ve survived another day of my life. I’ve been pretty melancholy lately, it’s hard to express how I have been feeling, and I’m too tired to even attempt it right now. I’m just taking things one day at a time.

be grateful to be alive


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