Gratitude Challenge: Day 16

Five things I am grateful for today: October 27, 2014 Monday


  1. Being broke at the end of every month. Yes, I am grateful for this! Every month I am reminded that I need to budget better and waste less. Not having a ton of money teaches me to buy only what I really need (doesn’t happen all the time) and to be more aware of the waste of consumerism. Money is not the most important thing, many people around the world live on less than $2 a day. I’m lucky.
  2. Sunshine. You never know when you’re gonna get it during the fall and winter in Portland, so I’m definitely grateful!
  3. Autumn colors and falling leaves! Is it my imagination or does everything kinda smell like pumpkin right now? ❤
  4. Potatoes are cheap and healthy! In fact most starches are super cheap, a fact that I am thankful for because I love carbs and eat a lot of them…and as I stated above, I am also broke right now!
  5. Portland bus drivers. Portland’s public transit consistently ranks as one of the best in all the U.S. cities. Though the buses are sometimes late, most of the bus drivers don’t get too stressed out. They love their job, care about riders, and are usually in a good mood!

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