Gratitude Challenge: Day 15

Five things I am grateful for today: October 26, 2014 Sunday

  1. Having a great workout this morning in the dark, cold, and rain. My coach and I didn’t let the elements stop us! We’re tough 🙂 I ran 10 miles of rolling hills.
  2. Having all my homework completed so I could relax today before starting the week-long roller coaster of classes, homework, and running all over again.
  3. The really awesome vibe of SE Portland. I used my afternoon free time to walk to a couple of buy/sell/trade clothing stores that I live nearby (and love). I also took advantage of the clear skies to enjoy the afternoon walk and call my mom just to chat.
  4. My healthy immune system. A lot of people around me are sick or recently were sick. Everywhere I go, I hear people coughing and hacking. I haven’t been sick in a really long time (knock on wood) and I think it’s my healthy vegan diet, adequate sleep, and physical activity that keeps me going strong.
  5. I had a peaceful and happy day. I feel content, and rested and I’m ready to take on the week! It’s a marked change from how I felt just a couple of days ago (depressed and lonely).

lao tzu quote


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