Gratitude Challenge: Day 14

Five things I am grateful for today: October 25, 2014 Saturday

I was so immersed in my homework that I almost neglected to post this! Like everyday there is plenty for me to grateful for:

  1. I ran a total of 13 miles today. Nine of those miles were done with my running buddy, Em and a new gal who appeared at my favorite running store to join our running group 🙂 Thankfully the rain let up long enough for us to complete our run, the sun even poked out for a bit…but it’s crazy windy and rainy out now!
  2. I have one more recruit to my small team of running professionals working to help me achieve my dream (so far consists of my mom, my coach and his store, my running buddy, and a masseuse). This new guy will be working with my coach and I to tweak my running form for greater efficiency and power, which equals speedier times!
  3. I have a new workout scheduled with my coach for tomorrow morning, it’s something we haven’t ever done before so I am excited and looking forward to a novel experience!
  4. The Fall term at Portland State is almost halfway over, this week will be week 5 of the 10-week term.
  5. I have access to a clean bathroom. This may sound like a weird thing, but we’ve all had instances of being trapped somewhere without a toilet and being thankful when we finally access one. I’m currently writing a paper and researching the lack of available public facilities to the transient (homeless) population in downtown Portland and it definitely makes me grateful of my living setup.



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