Sellwood School 5k: Race Recap

sellwood 5k

Earlier this week I got an email from my coach asking if I would like to run an impromptu 5k race this weekend because he had a couple of comped entries. A free race? Sure! My track buddy Em took the other free entry, and so we were both happy to run and rep my coach’s running store with our race singlets.

Training- wise, I am at the two-week mark of my Portland Marathon recovery, and even though I’ve been logging easy miles I still logged 56 total miles this week. I found it hard to get jazzed up to run fast this morning, and in hindsight, I think I am feeling a little over-raced. I’m writing this after I’ve finished, and I am definitely tired. During the race, even though I ran fast I lacked a finishing kick and couldn’t rally any desire to really push. I felt gassed out.

It probably didn’t help that Em and I met up beforehand and jogged 3.6 miles to the start. It was weirdly, but thankfully warm this morning and we both were a little overdressed. By the time we got there, I was sweating and definitely warmed-up!

I was pleasantly surprised by how many participants there were! And the Sellwood school was unlocked for restrooms, which was nice. Everything seemed well organized and great…until the race started! Em and I took off at the word ‘Go’. We mutually share the mentality of giving our best, no matter what type of race it is, that’s just how we represent. So regardless of the ‘fun run’ nature, we went out fast and ended up leading the pack. Somehow (of course this would happen to me!) we both missed the turnaround and dragged some other poor guy along with us…to 1.9 miles before we realized we had gone too far (it was an out-and-back course)! I just feel bad for the guy who was following the two of us, because obviously we didn’t know where we were going!

We swung around, and sure enough, the water-station we had passed a quarter-mile ago was the turn around point. When we blew by, the volunteers were too busy setting up the table to notice us. Oddly, there were no other indicators (arrows, cones, or signs) that the aid-station was the turn around. The rest of the race turned into an obstacle course that involved dodging and weaving between racers. The two way traffic on the course was pretty congested on the narrow path we were racing on. I almost knocked myself out as I was passing a runner who suddenly stuck out his hand to high-five another runner, his elbow was exactly at my forehead height. Luckily I dodged that bullet.

sellwood 5k time

I pushed myself to keep going fast, but I had no drive and that combined with going too far left me feeling unmotivated. My “5k” time wasn’t stellar, 23:30, but in actuality my Garmin registered 3.88 miles and a pace of 6:04/mi average. So I’m happy 🙂 My inner spirit may not have felt as stoked as when I was running the Portland Marathon or the Best Dam Run 10k, but I managed to keep pushing a fast pace even though I had excuses swirling in my head to back down. That’s not the type of runner I want to be, I never want to give in to the excuses to do anything less than my best. I still put in my best effort today and that’s what counts.

This was a fun run for families and was for a school. The volunteers did their very best and I am appreciative of their help in the event. It’s hard to be a volunteer and so I can’t be too upset about the way today’s race went! One thing that was a little upsetting however, was that there were no post-run refreshments (besides water) that were not for sale. All the typical fruit, bagels, coffee, etc. that you expect to be free were being sold for $1 or $2. Since I jogged to the start I had no money with me…I don’t think I would have paid for the refreshments anyway, not at that price! That was a little irksome, I understand that the school wants to raise money, but to have NO food for the runners afterward? That seems a little cheap. (I was looking forward to a banana or two!)

So, I ate nothing before the run, slept in till 8am, ran to the race, raced at 10am, and then filled up on water until I got home at noon…not the best plan for post-run refueling!

After the race Em and I, (she did stellar by the way! I was envious of her cross-country kick at the end. The course finished on a 100m stretch of grass, and while my legs felt like jelly she looked strong on the turf!) we cooled down about 1.5 miles.

Total miles today :3.6 + 3.9 + 1.5= 9 miles. A good workout 🙂 Marathon recovery = over! Just kidding 🙂 (But seriously, I’ve got some hard workouts planned for later this week!)


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