Gratitude Challenge: Day 7

Five things I am grateful for today: October 18, 2014


  1. The changing seasons. I may complain about the cold and rain, but I do love the fall colors, crisp air and occasion to wear boots and scarves, and drink hot tea! I lived most of my life on an island with no seasons…I prefer to have four seasons rather than one!
  2. My friends and acquaintances from the running store my coach owns. On Wednesday evening and Saturday mornings I run there, run with the enthusiastic group (however small) and then chill at the store with whomever sticks around. It’s a great time to talk with my coach, and usually my track/running buddy is there too (because she works there 🙂 but that’s not the only reason!)
  3. I met a new person who may be able to work with my coach and I to tweak my running form so that I will become more efficient, get rid of my nagging hamstring tightness, and ultimately run faster! Updates on my running will come soon!
  4.  Having enough nutritious food everyday. I am so fortunate to have easy access to several types of grocery stores and be able to afford healthy food. Many people live in food deserts (no access to fresh produce within a 1 mile radius) or cannot afford to buy food.
  5. My apartment is a place where I can feel safe, relax and have no fear. Recently there was a homicide in downtown Portland, very early in the morning a man was stabbed to death. My reactions were fear because it is close to home, and curiosity…why was this man out so early in the morning? Why was he killed? We might never know… I try not to follow the news too closely because the news is mostly negative and fear provoking.

rule of a lady


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