Gratitude Challenge: Day 5

Five things I am grateful for today: October 16, 2014 Thursday

  1. I was able to run 11.8 miles today and I felt relatively good. I always mention how grateful I am for my ability to run bekindness hard battlecause it is something I never want to take for granted. One day I might wake up and not be able to run for some reason…and I think that would devastate me. I always want to offer my gratitude to the universe for my health and able-ness.
  2. I was able to sleep in a little because I don’t have class on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. I cherish my sleep!
  3. I was able to enjoy a really nice run with my coach yesterday evening. He’s a fascinating person who has lived a life full of experiences and I love being able to hear about them. We spend most of our time talking about training, so it’s refreshing to escape that for awhile and just enjoy each other’s company.
  4. The support I can find from online friends on FB, Instagram and through my blog. I am mostly an introvert, and some days (like today) I don’t get out of my house much…Sometimes I feel really alone, and I am appreciative of the people who take the time to leave nice comments or reach out to me. It keeps me sane. You never know how much you might help someone with just a kind word or a smile.
  5. The weather is much nicer today than yesterday! The sun is bright and the sky is blue…I’m not sure how cold it is, but at least it’s not doomy and gloomy like yesterday. I value the sunshine because you never know when you’ll get it in Portland during the fall (and winter and spring)!

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