Gratitude Challenge: Day 4

Five things I am grateful for today: October 15, 2014 Wednesday

  1. I didn’t get hit by any cars on my dark and chilly morning run…though I did have one close call (the driver definitely didn’t look both ways).
  2. I had ripe, delicious peaches to mono-meal on for breakfast!
  3. The girl I sit next to in my Epidemiology class is really nice! We always have pretty good conversation during the break and before class starts!
  4. I live in the best city in the U.S. for public transportation (Portland, OR). I haven’t put fenders on my bike yet, so I took the bus to class to avoid a trail of road grit up my back…I also didn’t want to be biking into the wind (and potentially the rain). The buses are (mostly) reliable and I live very close to several bus stops.
  5. I have access to many resources in life, which enable to me to look after my health. In my epidemiology class we discussed many social determinants of health and how poverty is a strong predictor of ill-health in the U.S.



Hopefully my professor doesn’t mind me using her slide!


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