Gratitude Challenge: Day 3

Five things I am grateful for today: Oct. 14, 2014 Tuesday

  1. This amazing article: “PSU student Susan Smith wins the Portland Marathon” by Sam Bakkila for the PSU Vanguard newspaper 🙂
  2. Someone I am really excited to spend time with is coming to Portland in 2 weeks!
  3. It’s been 9 days since the marathon and I haven’t come down with an injury…hopefully I’m in the clear?
  4. I had a really productive and active day yesterday! I attended both my classes in the morning, cycled, and ran 6 miles. In the afternoon I did some work for my favorite running store in Portland, which involved walking around for 2 hours…and then I visited with my coach. I also fit in some homework, 2 blog posts, and grocery shopping!
  5. Recently, I seem to be balancing school work, running, blogging and some social media work pretty well. I haven’t felt too overwhelmed by anything yet. (It’s still early in my school’s Fall term though…but I get to look forward to graduating in December!)

Vanguard Portland Marathon article

I have a lot to be grateful for ❤ It’s easy for me to acknowledge that now, what matters is that I remember that in the tough times. Because there will be tough times…


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