Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Five things I am grateful for today: 10/13/2014 Monday

  1. It is not raining! I was able to run and bike to and from class this morning and stay dry. I have to do some walking around later, and I am glad it’s clear!
  2.  I was able to call my mom yesterday and we had a nice talk ❤ My mom is my biggest source of support. I need to talk to her at least once a week. It’s hard sometimes because she lives on Guam (with the rest of my family) and I live in Portland. I am so grateful for how much closer we have grown the last few years, I know she’s always there for me. As I gotten older, I realize more and more how much she has sacrificed, and I understand her a little bit better (I hope).
  3. That I was able to run safely this morning even though it was early and dark. Though I live in a safe neighborhood, it’s sometimes scary to be encountering strangers on the run, especially because I am petite and non-threatening.
  4. For the drivers who share the road with cyclists and pay attention while driving. I think we’ve all had close calls with cars while running or cycling!
  5. For having the opportunity to go to college, when so many girls don’t. There are some heartbreaking films on Netflix about what happens to girls in countries like India or China. A couple of very eye-opening and heart-wrenching films (that I don’t think are on Netflix) are A Walk to Beautiful and Half the Sky. Both focus on the hardships girls and women face simply because of their gender. (They are both worth watching!)

all we need

It’s the little things that make you happy!


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