No-Track Thursday: 10/02 Marathon Taper Time!

tapering ecard

I’m not positive, but that eCard girl might be in her socks….that’s a definite no-no on race day 🙂

I’m in the homestretch, the last 100m before the actual 26.2 miles! The Portland Marathon is Sunday at 7:00 am, though I will definitely triple-check that on Saturday night! I’ve been tapering for the marathon this week, so there have been no tempo runs and no track session this morning. Honestly though, I don’t feel like I am suffering from any ‘tapering madness’ or ‘taper crazies’. But I live by myself, so if I have been weirder than normal this week no one would know!

I’m not sure if this is consistent among all runners, but I have a little secret: I’m lazy! There’s a little part of me deep down that enjoys being able to kick back and dial down the training. My coach and my mind have told my body, Okay this is it! You’ve done the work and now you need to rest! Rest! REST! (No one has actually said that, that’s just my interpretation.) My body hasn’t had any problem following orders. Our brain’s main function is to preserve energy through efficiency, and so finally my brain gets a chance to do it’s job…I’m sure it doesn’t understand why I fight it on a daily basis by running when there’s nothing chasing me!

It helps that this week, while my legs may be resting, the rest of me is still as busy as the squirrels are! I’m maintaining my general routine in an effort to trick my body and maintain sanity (it works!) by running every morning, eating the same, and going about my regular day. My morning runs have been short and sweet: Sunday I recovered from Saturday’s 10k with an easy 3 miles and the rest of the week has been 4-5 miles easy. Today after my run I did 4x 100-150m strides to shake out my legs.

I'm listening!

I’m listening!

I’m also not changing anything about my diet. It’s given me the energy to complete all my workouts until now, so why mess it up? I’m not concerned with continuing to eat the same amount though I am exercising less because my focus is on recovering and refueling, not maintaining a certain weight. I don’t use tapering as an excuse to inhale every bit of food that comes my way! As long as I continue to eat the same, I will perform as I have been. I’ve been really happy with my workouts, so I’m happy with my diet!

The rest of me has been concerned with the beginning of Fall Term classes at Portland State University. I don’t have ample time to fret over every little marathon detail and worry myself sick because I have a long list of homework to do! I have kept my legs churning by cycling to class and home 3x this week (50 minutes round-trip) it’s not too arduous a trip, and I think it is beneficial to stay moderately active throughout the day. A body at rest stays at rest! Saturday however, I will be relaxing (after a quick morning jog)!

There are a few fine details I need to work out before race day, and I will be following up with a post about that, so check in! One of my main worries has been the weather…suddenly it has gotten really cold! There’s also no bag check at the marathon (I actually read the newsletter the race organizers emailed out!) so I need to go to Goodwill for some donate-able/disposable warm-up clothes! I’ll get to that later!

I’m taking it one day at a time, and staying surprisingly sane (ish)!

Photo credit: Tri-ing to Be Athletic Blog "Is It Reefer Madness?? No, It's TAPER Madness!!"

Photo credit: Tri-ing to Be Athletic Blog “Is It Reefer Madness?? No, It’s TAPER Madness!!”

*A note about my inner lazy person: I can only really be content with complacency for about a week, after that my inner drive kicks in again and I have to go! That’s what makes me a runner 🙂


3 thoughts on “No-Track Thursday: 10/02 Marathon Taper Time!

    • I never used to believe in tapering either, but the more intensely I train, the more vital it becomes to rest before the big day! Especially if you have a specific goal time in mind! You should try it at least once 🙂 It’s all part of the experience!


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