Best Dam Run 10k Race Recap and My Results

BDM resuls


Wow, this course! If you want to go fast and I mean really, really, jet-fuel propelled, blow-your-socks-off fast, run this race!

Obviously, I wouldn’t be talking this way if I hadn’t done well, but unless the weather or your stomach does not cooperate with you at the start, it’s almost impossible to botch the ORRC Best Dam Run 10k.

I ran a new 10k PR of 36:38, which is a 5:55 per mile pace. I finished second overall and was the first female across the line.

I was confident that I would run a solid 10k just based on my previous several tempo workouts, which have all been 6 miles in about 39:30, so I wasn’t worried. But my coach had high hopes. He let me know this was a fast, downhill, point to point course and said that I would run it in 38 minutes. Not that I didn’t believe him…but last night I calculated that a 38 minute 10k translated into a 6:11 mile pace, I had some doubts. Either this was a really fast course, or he was trying a new confidence-building technique based on reverse psychology!

My track buddy and I warmed up really well after the shuttle bus drove us from City Hall in Estacada, OR to the start line at 8:45am. We jogged about 15 minutes, and then I commenced with my dynamic drills: leg swings, hops, skips, sprints, jumps…and a routine visit to a Porta-potty. I need to invest in some warm-up track pants because the chilly 62 F weather had me shivering, not good for getting the blood pumping.

The start was at 10am on the dot, and from the gun, people flew! I take awhile to get revved up, and even with my warm-up it took me at least a mile and a half to really start moving (though my first mile was still a speedy 6:05, according to the Garmin). I went from about 10th place back to 4th over the next 4 miles. Literally, the road never stopped sloping downward but it twisted and turned generously. I remembered to use the tangents, which saved me a few seconds. It’s not all vegan cake 🙂 there is one hill, just before mile 5, which is a gradual incline of about 200m, and it does remind you that you are exerting a lot of effort even though it feels more like you are flying. I passed another runner up the hill, and then picked off the next guy just before mile 6. After the ascent, the race continued downward into the town of Estacada and finished at City Hall.

I kept pushing hard on the last .2k and couldn’t believe my eyes after the final turn to the finish, when I saw the clock time. I hadn’t checked my watch after the first mile, my focus was on running hard and pacing went out the window. I finished 2nd overall, apparently the first place guy took off and ran his own race. I heard he finished in 31 minutes, regardless, I never saw him he was that far ahead!

My track buddy finished phenomenally as well, 37-something, and was the second female! We were both happy to have represented our coach and his store with our performances, I could tell he was ecstatic too ❤

We cooled-down, stretched, and then inhaled the post-race goodies. I ate 3 bananas…!

The ORRC Best Dam Run 10k is a must-do if you live near Estacada, OR. A 10k PR is pretty much guaranteed, unless you accidentally run over the timing mat during your warm-up an hour before the start time!


Photo: Kristen Nelson


Photo: Kristen Nelson


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