What I Ate Wednesday: 09/24

coffee shopSo I am experiencing major first world problems happening this week 😦

I haven’t had internet connection for 2 days at my apartment! This is terrible for me, as a student and a blogger, reliable internet connection is as vital to me as blood is to my veins. This has seriously caused me major distress on multiple levels. On a physical level, I am unable to complete necessary functions like check email, or my school’s website (which is important because classes are starting for Fall term on Monday). I can’t prepare for my 10k race this Saturday because I haven’t been able to look-up the start time, location, or course map….which are all necessary for my mental well-being. On an emotional level, I feel frustrated with the lack of connection to others that I feel, I depend on social media to talk to my mom, friends, and others with whom I have built a solid online connection. In today’s world, if you are absent from media for a day or two, you are rapidly relegated to the back of other’s minds. This world is fast-paced.

I feel like I am suffering mild withdrawals, I feel irritated and anxious, upset, and also guilty that lack of internet causes such upheaval in my life. Are my reactions proportionate? I realize that internet is a luxury that billions of people live without.

In the meantime, here I sit at a coffee shop. Which is actually kind of nice, I am out of my house and supporting a local business. I’ll do my best to keep up with the virtual world that is streaming by without me!

Breakfast:WIAW 5 breakfast

My usual Wednesday easy run was a rainy one this morning. Welcome to Portland! The absolutely gorgeous summer we had will definitely require some readjustment to the steady drizzle that will mark my reality for the next half a year!

My breakfast of champions: fruit! Mother nature demands you to eat and proliferate seeds to be planted throughout the earth! Well, now the seeds all get flushed down the toilet…TMI 🙂 But in the past, it was evolutionarily beneficial for fruit to tantalize our ancestors with their luscious juicy flesh and fruity fragrance so that we would spread the fruit seeds through defecation into soil (that used to be much higher in minerals) so that a new plant could bloom!

A great rule of thumb: Eat living food! If you plant it in the ground, it will GROW!

I actually ate 2 peaches and a nectarine, as well as the 4 pluots (not 3 nectarines). But I forgot to take a picture of my fruit beforehand! Anyway, I’ll eat those nectarines tomorrow morning 🙂 I’m still not ready to give up my summer fruits!


I spent my morning mainlining caffeine until I had to pack up and head home for lunch. I had my usual: 2 large carrots (peeled), a medium zucchini (sliced) and a large steamed Japanese sweet potato (3/4 lb).

I find that some starchy veggies, like raw carrots are hard for me to digest, so I have started peeling them in an effort to be nicer to my guts. Other foods that I have a hard time digesting include broccoli and corn. I might have inherited my mild broccoli intolerance from my mom, it upsets her stomach as well.

My mom was always such a good example to my brother and I growing up, even though we knew that she didn’t like broccoli, she would still prepare it and eat it herself because she knew that it was healthy. In my house, we always cleaned our plates. My mom never had to “sneak” in the vegetables, it was just a rule that whatever she made, the family ate. Now, I love vegetables mostly raw or steamed, and usually plain!

*If you are having trouble tasting your vegetables, just continue to eat a clean diet (no salt, no added sugar, no refined foods)…it takes 10-14 days for your taste buds to regenerate! “Taste buds go through a life cycle where they grow from basal cells into taste cells and then die and are sloughed away.” (Source: Woman’s Day “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Taste Buds”)

WIAW 5 lunch turmericDue to my internet issues, I am using a picture of yesterday’s sliced zucchini, but it’s the same thing as today! I like to dump copious amounts of turmeric on my food whenever there is an opportunity! Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory and remedy for many ills ranging from arthritis to cancer and heart disease prevention!

The major pharmacological agent in turmeric is thought to be curcumin, the compound that gives the spice it’s bright yellow color. (Source: World’s Healthiest Foods, “Tumeric”) I started ingesting lots of turmeric when I injured my hamstring, in an effort to heal faster. Other foods with healing properties include ginger and garlic. East Indians and Asians generally have better health than Westerners, especially when they remain rooted in their traditional diet and lifestyle, so I am happy to indulge in their “secret” super foods!


I stayed off my bike today, which is a shame, because I got a new one! But I haven’t put fenders on it yet, and I need to tighten the brakes (loose brakes make rainy biking perilous!) so to avoid rainy, road-grime butt, I took the bus to and from work. Even though I quit my job, I’ll still be working through the end of the month, but fewer days per week. Phew, because I am tired!

Unfortunately I spent a lot of time waiting on the bus today and when I got home I was plenty hungry! I had eaten my cauliflower snack earlier in the afternoon. For dinner I tucked into steamed Japanese sweet potatoes sliced in fresh Romaine lettuce cups!

I recently discovered that two heads of Romaine lettuce adds 15g of pure plant protein to my day! Who knew?

gorilla protein cartoon

 Macro nutrient Breakdown:

Total Calories: 1983

Carbohydrates: 449.4g (87.1% of total calories)

Protein: 61.5g (8.4% of total calories)

Fat: 10.7g (4.5% of total calories)




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