What I Ate Wednesday: 09/17/2014

eat right buddha

Today, I had to bust out of my comfortable eating routine and SOCIALIZE! For those of you who have unique diets or food avoidances, you already know how hard it is to eat out with friends…unless you know how to plan ahead!

I always pack my day’s food the night before. When you are trying to sustain a vegan, high-carb low-fat (no salt, no oil, no refined food) diet you can’t rely on convenience stores or packaged items. The benefits of packing your own food are numerous:

  • You have complete control over what goes into your food- no nasty chemicals or food dyes!
  • You save time (ordering, shopping, trying to read all the ingredients in a label!)
  • You save money! Ordering a small salad can cost up to $6 dollars! Making a ginormous one at home that will keep you full and satisfied might cost the same amount, but be twice the size!


My day began as usual, it was an easy run day between the 6 mile tempo run at a 6:30 pace yesterday and tomorrow’s track workout. I broke in a new pair of shoes on my morning 4 mile run. Running in the morning heightens my awareness of the shortening of the days. The sun is getting up later and later! Afterward, I multi-tasked: stretching, eating, and watching a few YouTube videos.

WIAW breakfast 4


2 peaches I’m trying to hold onto summer, but good stone fruit is getting harder to find 😦

1 purple plum and 3 squishy little yellow plums!



I jetted off on my bicycle a little late, that’s been the theme of my week, and bike-commuted 30 minutes of moderate cycling to my internship. It’s my last week, and I am definitely sad to be leaving. It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of such a positive team. Friends of the Children seeks to serve the most vulnerable population in Portland: children who have suffered poverty, abuse and neglect. Being a part of  this powerful community re-affirmed my desire to help others in my life and continWIAW morning snack 4ue along a career path dedicated to health and community.

Mid-Morning Snack:

1 1/2 crunchy Tango apples! The end of summer fruit gives rise to the crispy sweet crunch of apples and pears! I am really spoiled to be living in the northwest where the best apples ever grow in abundance!

 Lunch: Time to be social!

One of the staff at my intern site wanted to go out to lunch with me, just to chat. We’ve had time for brief small talk, but no real time to actually have a good conversation. Initially, when he brought up going to lunch I was freaked out. How could I quickly explain my dietary restrictions without coming off as completely crazy? I managed to let him know I was vegan, but I didn’t get into any details. After thinking about it, I suggested we just go to New Seasons nearby, which has plenty of offerings including a hot foods bar, salad bar, and pre-prepared meals. There would be something for both of us. But just in case, I packed some extra food with me:
WIAW preplanned 4
This is probably one of the most important things you can do to successfully stick to a healthy lifestyle. Have a back-up plan! I packed a mini-version of my usual lunch, including a potato for sustenance and lots of veggies to crunch on. I won’t get home tonight until about WIAW 4 drinks6:30pm, and I don’t want to be hungry.

Out to lunch! I already knew I was going to hit the salad bar, hard! I didn’t feel like being totally weird, so there’s no picture of my salad to share with you, but it was a large plate overflowing with chopped romaine, baby spinach, and baby arugula leaves. I added a ladle full of black beans, sliced celery and cucumber and raw, sliced mushrooms. The final touch was 5-6 cherry tomatoes, which promptly tried to roll off the mountain of greens and beans. It was satisfying, and nutrient-rich, but I was glad that I had packed extra food with me! I enjoyed the conversation, though I found myself feeling the need to explain my diet, although he didn’t ask. The way I eat is just so far from the mainstream that I feel compelled to explain why I am being so different. Do any of you ever feel that way?

After lunch I cycled 20 minutes to Portland State campus where I caught the bus and rode up the hill to my after school care teaching job. I took my bike with me so that I could just cycle straight home after work, because I get to zoom down that big hill 🙂 It takes about 40 minutes, and I worked up an appetite!


The usual! Lots of my favorite Japanese sweet potatoes (880g or ~2 lbs. steamed) with 2 heads of water-rich, fresh Romaine lettuce! I ate more than was pictured, this is just round 1!

WIAW 4 dinner

Macro nutrient Breakdown:

Total calories: 2044

Carbohydrates: 460.1g (86.3% of total calories)

Protein: 67.2g (9.3% of total calories)

Fat: 10.9g (4.5% of total calories)

That wraps up my day! I met all my micronutrient requirements (vitamins and minerals). I get Vitamin D from the sun, and I supplement Vitamin B12. I am always weirdly short on selenium, but I haven’t noticed any ill-health effects from it. From my research there doesn’t seem to be many side effects from lower intake of selenium in an already healthy individual. I usually get between the 30-50% range of the RDI. Amount of selenium in foods depends heartily on the selenium content of the soil the food was grown in, so I may be getting more than a calorie-counting app like Cronometer can calculate.

Let me know your thoughts and criticisms as well as how you socialize as a vegan, vegetarian, or health conscious eater 🙂


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