Track Thursday: 09/11 Thoughts

track thursday 09-11First, I want to remember that today is the 13 year anniversary of September 11th, 2001. No matter how much I think I hurt during workouts, it can never compare to the true suffering that mankind is able to withstand. To all those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and to those who gave their lives, we remember you. 9/11 is a reminder that humankind is resilient.

On this day, how can I be anything but grateful for the freedom to run and pursue my dreams?we-remember-9-11-A

I am so lucky that I get to wake up every morning, in a safe enough neighborhood to lace up my shoes and run out my door in any direction I choose! I get to fill my lungs with crisp, clean, chilly autumn air. I can tire myself out with the knowledge that I don’t have to perform hard labor later, I don’t have to work for pennies a day in fields or factories like many do in other countries. In America, I have the freedom to follow my dreams. I can pursue running for enjoyment, a luxury many in the world do not have. As a female, I have the freedom to run by myself without worry (though it still pays to be careful) and attend college. I can play sports, run as an equal to others, and wear what I please.


Thank you to all those who lost their lives making sure that this freedom remains a possibility for individuals like me. My dad was in the Air Force at this time, and though we were removed from the mainland U.S. and living on Guam, it was still a profound event. To live on a military base at the time made things difficult. Growing up in the context of the military makes me realize even more the significance and the sadness of the losses that occurred from 9/11 and in the subsequent wars. I am saddened for everyone, those both in the U.S. and the Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians and soldiers. I don’t think that anyone needs to be murdered to prove a point.

Keeping all those thoughts in mind, I was happy to go to the track, whatever the outcome of the workout might be. I didn’t need to worry it was a good, solid workout. I have been feeling strong this week in all my workouts: 39:37 six mile tempo run on Tuesday, easy 4 mile recovery run Wednesday, and track today: 6 x 1000m repeats with 400m jog recovery in between. My track partner, Em and I ran them all at 3:41-3:44 range, with the exception of running the 3rd one too fast (my fault, 3:38-ish.)

We finished up with 8 x 100m sprints on the grass inside the oval. I didn’t time myself, these sprints are for me to work on my form. I need to bring my knee up higher and kick my trailing foot up higher too. The goal is to run like a Kenyan 🙂 just kidding, but their lower body form is my inspiration. I always feel like a broken tin-man when I run these last sprints, I’m sure my form looks wrecked. But sometimes you need to take something apart to fix it, and then it all gets put back together even better than it was before (I hope).

It was a great workout, despite the blustery gusting winds this morning and all the high schoolers who invaded the track during our last 1000m. We had to get in the outside lanes to go around them! So between the wind and the kids, I’m even happier with the results.

Enjoy your day, celebrate what you usually take for granted, and remember: Every day is significant, but today perhaps take a special moment of reflection. We are all people, doing the best we can. And we are all much stronger than we believe. ❤


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