Monday Motivation: Know What You Want!

monday motivation quote

My new favorite quote by Jerry Rice!

What fuels your fire?

Ask anyone if they have goals for the future, and the answer will probably be, “of course!” but can that person recite them for you at that moment? That’s where he or she might run into trouble.

Goal setting is an acquired skill that I will cover more in-depth at a later time. Today, my aim is to reinforce the importance of knowing what you want and reviewing those goals every day. Why is it so important?

  • Keeps you intrinsically motivated
  • Keeps you focused
  • Gets you through the tough times

Photo Source: The Arty Runner Chick blog by Cait Chock, “Running Motivation and Keeping Perspective: Don’t take your running for granted as it’s not always a ‘given’” May 15, 2012.

Intrinsic Motivation:

The drive to pursue your passion in life needs to come from somewhere. Yes, external motivational cues are important tools as well,  but they can be unreliable. If you really want to succeed, you need to be self-motivated and driven from within. I believe that this can be cultivated and strengthened, especially through reciting, writing, and reviewing your goals and dreams everyday.


By reminding yourself everyday of your goals it becomes easier to remain focused. You do not want to lose sight of what you are striving for! Your actions (workouts, diet, self-care, etc.) should all be driven toward achieving the results you desire! By keeping your goals fresh in your mind you minimize the potential to be sidetracked. It’s easier to say ‘no’ to a late night out with friends if you know that you have a hard workout planned for the next morning (especially if your next race is a month away and you have a specific time goal!) It becomes easier to sacrifice immediate gratification for the long-term results you desire if you can stay focused!


There will be tough times on your road to success. You might get injured or simply feel a loss of desire to workout. These are the times when having a goal can pull you through these low-periods. These are tricky periods where you can succumb to weaknesses and temptations, like skipping a workout or eating the whole bag of tortilla chips and tub of guacamole…..

My tips for times like these:

  • Review, recite, and write your goals down!! Start with the overall goal, then break it down, and then break it down again!

Example: I want to qualify for the Olympic trials, need to run at least a 2:43 marathon (6:13 pace/mile). Plan races to get there: Portland Marathon in Oct., base-building during the winter, L.A. marathon in March, etc. Then plan the weekly workouts, each with a specific goal: track for speed, increased pain threshold, confidence; short tempos for running at race pace or faster; long runs for endurance and simulating race day pace, confidence.

  • Before bed each night, plan for the next day’s workout. I workout in the morning, so I set my alarm, have my gear ready, know vaguely where I want to run, etc. I have a routine that I adhere to.
  • As I head out the door for my workout, I review in my head my overall goal. It gets me motivated! I also practice visualization of how I want to feel during my next race and what I hope to do.
  • I make my own motivational posters! I have them in my bedroom to see when I wake up in the morning, on my refrigerator, and on my front door to see on my way outside.
My goals, everything I do right now is either bringing me closer or farther away. I strive to live so that all my actions help me achieve success!

My goals, everything I do right now is either bringing me closer or farther away. I strive to live so that all my actions help me achieve success!

The message today: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!

Recite, review, write it over and over and over again until you make it!!! Also believe in yourself, live in a way that aligns with your desires and you can achieve your dreams! I’m working hard everyday to achieve mine, and it has really improved the quality of my life. I am more positive, my environment and attitude is better, and the people I have met along this journey so far are amazing.

What are your goals? Running, relationships, health, work….let me know below! Also, comment if you like any of my tips and let me know what works well for you! I love learning from other people 🙂 Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day!


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