This cute kid makes a case for vegetarianism

This cute French kiddo really wrenches at your heart with his innocent questions. Young children have an undeniable compassion and commitment to caring for animals and people. Somewhere along the way we lose that as we grow up in this scary world of dog-eat-dog, (not literally!).

This short clip is only 2.5 minutes long and it’s worth watching every second till the end. If you have a child who wants to be vegan or vegetarian, please give that child support! It was really hard for me to sway my parents into believing that I could be a runner and be healthy on a vegetarian diet, and I had to wait until I moved out of the home to become vegan. Please provide unconditional support for your kids! These are profound choices they are making and they will have to defend themselves to others throughout their whole lives, they need your caring support at home not negativity or doubt!

I am in awe of this cute kid, and his mother for her support ❤ You can learn and grow from everyone, young or old, all it takes is an open mind and kind heart! Enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “This cute kid makes a case for vegetarianism

    • It’s so amazing to watch, it really makes you think. Before we are all brainwashed by the industry, we all knew on a fundamental level, that animals have value, they are creatures just like us. We don’t own them, who are we to judge who lives and dies?

      Also, the mom was amazing too! She realized her son knew something that she once knew too…..and she is brave enough to allow her son to make that decision and support him 🙂

      Thank you for watching!

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