Track Thursday: 08/28/14, Finish feeling better than you started!

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“Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” Robert Frost

“Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” Robert Frost

It’s that special day of the week again: Track Thursday! How do you handle track workout days? For some reason I always wake up and search my body for a reason why I may not perform well. And then I mentally chastise myself for even thinking that way….cue positive self talk: 

“I will be amazing.”

“This is what it takes to become an elite, this is what they do.”

And one of my favorite motivators: “Part-time training equals part-time results.” (I believe that quote comes from Bill Rodger’s biography, Marathon Man, which I highly recommend reading!)

Today, all my worrying was for naught, I ran (no pun intended!) into my running buddy Em on my way to meet her and my coach at the track at 8 am, and immediately my mood brightened. I tried to forget that my body still felt pretty thrashed from last Thursday’s workout, the back-to-back 10 mile days over the weekend, and Tuesday’s great 8 mile tempo (finishing the last several miles at ~6:10 pace/mile!) All those hard days were a perfect reason to slack off today, and I might have, except that my dream to make the Olympic trials still fuels my fire…NO EXCUSES!

Our workout today: 5x 1000m repeats with a 400m jog recovery between. Pace: 90 sec./400m= 3:45/1000m for the first two, then 3:40/1000m for the last three. 

Our first one was perfect, but I felt tired! Before I could help myself I started wondering how I would make it through the whole set. Could I even finish the workout today? The second one, I paced, 3:41, then Em 3:38, me 3:38, and the last one Em paced, 3:36! Woohoo! How could I have doubted myself? We took a lap and finished with some 100m sprints, during which I am supposed to focus on lifting my knee and picking up my trailing foot…to get myself out of the “marathoner’s shuffle” and enable my body to run faster with less effort (this hurt my core and quads, ouch!)

It was a perfect workout….I’m building up a string of them since my injury and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 I know they won’t all be like today, but even the bad workouts teach us something and ALL workouts increase the body’s tolerance for self-induced suffering. A necessity for running fast, running far, or both. 

Em’s quote for the day, on our 1 mile cool-down slog home sums it up perfectly, “I wake up dreading the track, but afterward I’m like, ‘I am so glad we did that!’” 

I couldn’t agree more, and yes, I finished feeling a lot stronger, faster, and happier than when I started. Every time I face my fears on the track, I am proud of myself. 

Did  you have a running victory today that you are proud of? How do you feel about track days? Any tips for combating self-doubt and dealing with negative self-talk? Share below!


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