6 minutes to change your life

The above clip is 6 minutes from the documentary Samsara. This profound snippet, aptly titled “Food Sequence” captures meat and dairy production from it’s hidden start to the very sickening end. I don’t want any part of this cruelty. I urge you to take just 6 minutes out of your day to watch this, whether you are vegan or not, whether you think you eat healthy or not. Just watch. It’s not bloody or gory like some documentaries, though I don’t understand how someone can eat meat, yet refuse to watch “sickening” films of their food production because it is too upsetting. Really?

Take 6 minutes. Then share this. I hope everyone can understand that this does NOT have to exist. NONE of it. Animals are not products. They don’t have to die. People don’t have to get cardiovascular illnesses at the rates that they do, even cancers and other illnesses linked to diet can be lessened significantly by avoiding animal foods. (T. Colin Campbell, Ph. D talks more about the link between animal protein and cancer genes in his book The China Study). Living the last half of your life battling one or more chronic illnesses should not be considered normal or inevitable.

If you say that your food choices don’t matter because other people won’t change, then you contributing to the violence. If you say that animals were meant to be eaten, then I suggest you reflect on your character. If you think that your choice not to eat animal products won’t make a difference, then you should examine the type of life you wish to live. Not many people can change the world with one momentous decision, most people who change the world do so with many tiny decisions that accumulate to create lasting change.

animal rights ghandi


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