SHOC 10k recap

SHOC 10k results

This was my first “race” since my injury (gulp). More of a tester-run than an actual race because to be honest, I still don’t feel 100% better. This race was kind of sprung on me last minute because I got a free entry, and why not? Sooner or later I was going to have to test myself again anyway!

I’m the opposite of what I thought I might be as an injury “recover-er”: instead of pushing myself to the limit as soon as I felt a tiny bit better I’ve been overtly cautious….really listening to my body, and fearing any sudden twinges or tweaks. But It’s been two months now since the initial injury and I’ve really felt on the mend during the past couple of weeks, so my coach and I have began easing back into my workout routine. I’ve ran a couple of track workouts, and a tempo, and then I ran the SHOC 10k. I have to smile now, because it felt fabulous 🙂

The plan was to run a 7:00min/mile pace and not push too hard out the gate. Well, that plan went out the window as soon as I heard “go!”, it didn’t help that the first quarter mile was straight downhill either. I took off at a 6:40-ish pace, and then tried to reel myself back in to no avail….mile 2 was 6:45, mile 3, mile 4…6:45! I wasn’t breathing hard, I wasn’t straining…it felt easy! Mind you, this is after two months of barely running with no speed or tempo work as I nursed my hamstring. For the last mile it was clear that all was going well, and I could kick it up a gear if I felt so inclined, so I revved up a little and charged up the hill to the finish line that I had so deviously sped out from 41 min. and 43 sec. ago.

I met my coach and my other running buddy at the tent after the finish and was able to greet everyone with a smile and a little spring in my step before I embarked on my cool-down and stretching (important!). Holding a 6:43 pace comfortably for 6 miles proved to me that I am ready to get back out there on the road and conquer my goals. The road to the Portland Marathon has officially begun!




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