Champoeg 30k Tune-Up Race: A wrong turn


I ran a 30k tune-up race to see how my training is progressing (30k= 18.6 miles). I was leading the women until mile 7, when an ill-informed race guide pointed me in the wrong direction. I was blazing and it took me about 3 or 4 min. to realize that this was not the right way….NOOOOO!!!!!! I was pissed. By the time I turned around and got back on course, I was 5th female and had dropped behind several other men as well. I was so upset, literal tears of frustration: I was leading, blazing, killing the race….and then suddenly, I was behind. I spent the next mile wondering if I should go for it, or if the race was already blown.

Then, duh: Mental toughness comes from overcoming obstacles! I wasn’t going to let this break me, the race was NOT over! Was this the type of athlete I was?? Do I give up? NO!

I put my mind back into the race and unleashed all that I had….I powered. And I caught 2 women who had gotten ahead of me, and several of the men. In the end I finished 3rd female, less than 2 minutes behind the first two, and 12th overall in 2:08:17 (though I think my actual time would have been 2:05 without the wrong turn). Image

It is interesting to note how much slower my 20k split (they measured split avgs. every 6.2 miles) is than the first 10k and last 10k, evidence of how much the wrong turn cost me in time. But I am most proud of myself for pulling myself together and rocking that last 10k. I gave the race my best, and I am really proud of that!

Training for Newport marathon on May 31 has been going well. I am at the end of an 80-mile week today, having ran a 20mile long run this morning.


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