“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed



This book! I’ve mentioned this book several times, I was reading it when I was flying back to Corvallis from Guam when I lost it somewhere in the myriad of airplanes and airports I passed through. I had to reorder it online, and finally finished it this past week. I really liked this book, for several reasons which I will list in order to be succinct!

  1. The author was NOT an experienced backpacker, she wasn’t an expert…which makes her relatable.
  2. The Pacific Crest Trail passes through Oregon, and the author’s journey ends in Portland, all surroundings that I am familiar with or want to learn more about because I live in Oregon!
  3. The author shares her hardships and loneliness with the reader.
  4. I love memoirs, the truer the story, the more I can get emotionally involved because it ACTUALLY happened.

It was a real-life adventure book written by a woman who tried to find some answers on the PCT after her mother died and her divorce was finalized. One day I would like to do something incredible like this, I can’t imagine the amount of guts it takes to attempt to hike through California and Oregon (the trail stretches farther, but that was her journey) as a woman, inexperienced, and by herself. I guess like running, she didn’t directly find the answers she was looking for, but it was okay and in the end she might not have been “fixed” but she was better.


2 thoughts on ““Wild” by Cheryl Strayed

  1. One thing that one of my teachers had us do to get the feeling of Bird of Paradise was place the foot on a wall and take the bind there. It is a nice way to not worry so much about the lifting the foot. That definitely will come with time!


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