The family that runs together….


Photo credit: Benji Montelya


Photo credit: Benji Montelya

Photos like these capture a lot more than just the moment after a race. For me, there are a lot more memories that these photos can evoke. Once upon a time, my whole family would make an appearance at a Saturday or Sunday morning race. It was our “family bonding” time. Individually, the four of us would race to the best of our abilities and it usually paid off with each one of us placing in our respective age and gender categories. Over time though, life has gotten in the way and we are no longer known locally as the “fast Smith family”. My dad’s work and physical ailments prevent him from pursuing leisurely pleasures or exercise just for fun. My brother has gotten older and as teenage boys do as they evolve, gotten interested in weightlifting and other pursuits. I still run and have gotten a lot better over the years, but now I spend the majority of my time in Oregon. That leaves just my mom, the sole survivor of life and the havoc it’s wreaked on our weekly family tradition.


Jingle Bell 5k race (December 2006)

That happens to every family over the years, we become older, interested in other things, or move away. But we always have the memories, and I’m grateful to fellow runners like Benji (who took these pictures) for capturing them for me and my family.


2 thoughts on “The family that runs together….

    • There are always 5ks! Have the whole family sign up for one, the money paid would be a good incentive to prepare for the race….and a 5k is pretty forgiving if you don’t have a lot of time to train or commit!


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