Alley Oop!


What is an “Alley Oop” is probably what you are wandering right now. Well, its an awesome 6.7 mile Guam Running Club race that I killed this morning. One of my favorite courses (I have grown to love it, literally since I first  ran it when I was 14), the first 3 miles are winding, twisting, uphill climbs….but then you are rewarded in the last half with mostly downhills and flat stretches.

So, my mom, brother, and I all ran this morning and we all did incredibly well. For my part, I was in a duel with this one blonde chick. I am strong enough to power up hills and catch her on the flats, but she proved to be a really strong downhill runner and would speed by me then. The whole race was back and forth between her and I for the first female finish. I managed to prevail in the last mile, I passed her for the final time and then ran for my life until I crossed the finish. My time reflects the hills and wind: 47:26 for 6.7 miles. But hey, I gotta cut myself some slack….I just ran a marathon a week ago!

Afterward the blonde girl and I chatted, her name is Peri and she goes to college in Florida. Hopefully we’ll hang out later this week if we’re both not doing anything. It was really refreshing to have a challenging race this morning, I forget how exhilarating it is when you’re giving 110% and you still don’t know who’s going to win. I felt utterly wiped at the finish, but completely satisfied with my performance and really happy with myself. I forget how much fun it is to congregate with runners who share your passion and it was nice to see old faces again. Especially when they are kind enough to tell me that they miss me, it makes me feel loved.

Below: Me, sprinting for my life at the finish!



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