Roll out of bed, and RUN!

Running is a huge part of my life, I first started running when I was 12 years old in middle school. I ran for the cross country team every year until I graduated high school. I also ran track and field and outside of school I competed in road races ranging from 5k to the marathon.

Before I start this post, I need to thank my mom. She is the real runner in the family who got me hooked. Without her, I never would have developed the love that I have for the sport. I am thankful that she has supported me, and has never pushed me harder than I push myself.

Anyway, on this lazy Saturday I was able to wake up this morning and push myself straight out the door. I live in Corvallis, OR and the weather was none too inviting. Typical NW rain, wind, and cold. But I washed my face, threw on some appropriate gear and out the door I went. I have been feeling the pressure of the ensuing marathon, I know that I am not in the shape that I should be because I have been slacking on my long runs and don’t feel as ready as usual. But today I put in 9 solid miles, and as always, I never regret that I started off my day with something that truley brings me joy.


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